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Base Price is a rough estimate for:
Bust/Waist up
1 character
Simple Background (little definition)

Backgrounds, FullBody, extra characters, and other elements can be discussed


Base Price:
25$ USD
Line quality variesGood for getting down concepts and personality/action


Base Price:
80$ USD
Good for horror/goreRed splash (usually blood element)Scary characters work best


Base Price:
$100 USD
Black and white/Blue hueOne vibrant colour or glow


Base Price:
125$ USD
Painted colour with lineart in tact

Full Painted

Base Price:
$150 USD
fully rendered to highest qualitycurrently only accepting portraits or waist ups in this style


Base Price:
30$ USD
chibi full body png background


Please discuss with me and I'll be happy to work within your budget!these styles are experimental and as such quality cannot be guaranteed Some style options: Anime/Minimalistic/3D Environments and props/Character Design/etc.

Terms and Conditions

I'll draw anything you wish (ask me about NSFW contents).All prices posted are for ONE character.Adding characters cost extra and prices can be negotiated depending on detail and effort.No changes to composition will be changed after the initial sketch phase has been approved.Do not redistribute or sell my art anywhere else without asking me first, and then crediting me (3Dbrooke/Aaawhyme).Any art commissioned from me is not intended for commercial use, unless otherwise discussed with me before hand. With this being said, all art commissioned from me is intended for non-commercial use only (unless discussed otherwise).By commissioning me you agree to let me use the final picture wherever and however I wish (unless otherwise discussed before hand.) * with this being said, I will never claim ownership of the client's commissioned subject (be it the client's character, concept, idea etc.) Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

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